Body Treatment

Release the tensions and stiffness with our various offerings of body treatment. Lie down, unwind, and savor the experience as delicate hands of our therapists’ help you regain the balance of the body and mind.

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Traditional Balinese Massage

What better way to let go of everyday stress than enjoying a nice, relaxing massage? With Traditional Balinese Massage, our therapists will help you release the tension on your body through soft and gentle strokes, aimed at specific chakra points.

Aromatherapy Massage

Complete your experience with our Aromatherapy Massage service. Combine the relaxation you get from the massage with the calming effect of inhaling the organic essential oils to enhance your journey toward the ultimate tranquility.

Oil-Free Massage

Don’t feel like getting oil all over your body? Worry not. With the Oil-Free Massage, you still get all the benefits of our body treatments without having to feel greasy afterwards. Our trained therapists are ready to help you feel incredible, no oil needed!


(Boreh, Green Tea, Coconut, Frangipani)

Having a youthful and glowing skin is everybody’s dream. Make it come true with our finest selection of organic scrubs. With every exfoliation, dead skin cells will be removed and the skin will be moisturized, leaving a smooth and feeling fresh like never before!

Hormone-Balancing Massage

(Ladies Only)

Our Hormone Balancing Massage is specially formulated for ladies. Using our finest oils made from geranium and jasmine, we aspire to infuse you back to your homeostasis state of being.